A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A 2D side-scrolling fantasy platformer created by a small indie team at Columbia College Chicago.

Play as Aspen, a young moth who has found themselves suddenly separated from their family and thrown into a dark and mysterious world. Small, alone, and armed with only their trusty magical staff, Aspen will have to traverse unfamiliar lands and conquer new obstacles in order to find their way back home. Discover secrets and return light to the forest, all while exploring  beautiful, hand drawn environments.

This is a demo version of the game, and any feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you for playing!


Art Direction: Daria Boudreau

Game Design: Ricky Bakersmith, Joseph Poselenzny,  Eric Kwon

Animation: Sam Pham

Concept Art: Daria Boudreau, Sam Pham, Jeremiah Green, Karen Spriggs, Michelle Quiroz

Programming: Karen Spriggs, Duncan McDonald, Miles Prinzen

Sound Design: Carley Thompson

Font: Cardenio Modern by Nils Cordes on Dafont.com

Trailer Music: Medieval and Celtic Music | LANDS by Alex-Productions | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx0_M61F81Nfb-BRXE-SeVA

Additional Collaborators: Harmoni Hawthorne, Gabriel Willemssen

Additional assets taken from Unity Technologies' Lost Crypt sample project:

Terrain Sprite Shapes

Sunlight Shafts

Firefly glow particle system

Environment parallax script

Fire particle system

Check out our developers' other work:

Daria Boudreau: dariaboudreau.artstation.com

Sam Pham:  https://slamminsalmonsite.wordpress.com/

Carley Thompson:  https://carley28thompson.wixsite.com/sounddesigner

Eric Kwon: https://erickwon.weebly.com

Miles Prinzen: https://milescajus.github.io/

Karen Spriggs: https://karenspriggs.work/

Joseph Poselenzny: https://fatjosephina.wixsite.com/portfolio


Luminaria-Windows 284 MB
Luminaria-Mac 191 MB

Development log


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Hello Luminaria, my name is Bruno, I make indie game gameplays on YouTube, here in Brazil, I want to congratulate you for the great project, the game has a lot of potential.

Subscribe to the channel to help.

Gameplay Link:

Thank you so much for taking the time to playtest and upload a playthrough!! We really appreciate you supporting our game :)

The new update is a big improvement, I enjoyed it.


Thank you, so glad you liked it!

Deleted post

I agree that this needs some attention. Not sure the best solution!

Thank you so much for the feedback! That's a feature we're hoping to implement soon, likely by creating a new, specific animation for that movement so that it looks more natural. Thanks for checking the demo out!